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Trip to Holland March 6-14

Earlier this year Ryan, Alex, Scott, and myself took a trip to Holland. We where able to see the relaxing country side, spend a few hours in Paris for a bus tour and some lunch, and yes was able to party it up in the notorious Amsterdam. Pictures Here.

First Skydive September 29

Certificate Picture Carlyle and I jumped out of plane at 13,500 feet one beautiful Sunday afternoon. I definitely recommend trying it.

Kayak Trip October 19-20

Joe, Justin & I went Kayaking for two days. We headed to Saint Vincent Island early Sat. morning. I only have two pictures of the trip due to battery failure. I had a great time even after I almost sunk the Kayak sixty yards from the dock on Sunday. Apparently the rear storage compartment filled up with water and was pulling me under. After a real struggle (and I do mean a real struggle) to stay afloat I was able to pattle my under water ass and Kayak back to the dock without having to lose all my stuff. Beer and oysters eased the pain.
Kayak Trip Picture
Kayak Trip Picture1

October 25

Grandpa and I.
Fort Myers Beach, Fl.

October 30

SAW The Wailers.

Halloween October 31

Great party! Beer, Beer, and some great costumes.

Halloween Picture

November 1

Pool table. Installed

November 8

SAW Tool in concert

Recked My Truck December 11

I was on my way home for lunch when this girl decieded to run her car into the back of my truck. Pictures can be see here. I didn't even get an apology.


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