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Project Charger

1Put the timing chain cover on.Completed42017-09-23
2Attach oil pickup tube.Completed10000-00-00
3Attach wind-age plate and oil pan.Completed02017-10-01
5Attach intake manifold using valley pan and other gaskets.Completed02017-10-01
6Attach oil pump.Completed02017-10-01
7Put on oil filter.Completed02017-10-01
8Put on fuel pump block off plate.Completed02017-10-01
9Put on exhaust manifolds.00000-00-00
10Add fi-tech fuel injection system.00000-00-00
11Add harmonic balancer.00000-00-00
12Add water pump.00000-00-00
13Add CVF serpentine setup.00000-00-00
14Add valve covers.00000-00-00
15Add pcv valve and grommet.00000-00-00
16Add oil breather.00000-00-00
17Add distributer, it's rotor, and cap.00000-00-00
18Add spark plugs.00000-00-00
19Add spark plug wires.00000-00-00

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